Saturday, 2 September 2017

Chasing the Sun Collection

In my state of holiday blues I splurged on the new Tanya Burr Chasing the Sun collection. In the past I've found Tanya's make up to be a little hit and miss but I couldn't resist the rose gold packaging.

What did i pick up?!

Peonies Illumination Powder
My favourite has to be the blush! The first day I used it I ended up looking like Coco the Clown, I wasn't expecting it to be THAT pigmented. A little definitely goes a long way. The beautiful shimmer gives a lovely summer glow to your face without having to add an additional highlighter. 

Champagne Illumination Powder
Speaking of highlighters, Tanya has out done herself with these. I picked up the light and dark because I just couldn't decide. The light it a great everyday addition to bring that little bit of sparkle to your day. But I can't wait to use the darker shade when I jet off on holiday to give my skin that beautiful bronzed sun kissed look. 

Lip Balms
The lip balms... I was not 100% sure about when I ordered them. I imaged they would have a really strong scent and not really give much colour pay off. HOW WRONG WAS I! They do have a fruity scent but noting over powering and the colour pay off is what I would expect of a traditional lip gloss. These are perfect to throw in you bag for those days when you don't want the faff of applying lipstick.

Contour Stick
The contour stick, now this was very scary! My idea of contouring is a little Hoola bronzer dotted around my face and hope for the best. But I have used it and found that it was a lot easier to use and blend than I expected. I will still use my Hoola on a daily basis for ease and quickness but for those special occasions when I have time to play with my makeup I will be reaching for this product.

If you have tried anything from the collection let me know what your favourite items are in the comments!

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