Monday, 17 April 2017

Zizzi Italian Restaurant, Durham

After a lovely sunny afternoon in Durham City taking walks by the river and relaxing on the place green by Durham Cathedral, as always my thoughts turned to food. There are so many amazing restaurants in the city but none can top Zizzi in my eyes. I managed to persuade the other half to take me out for dinner by taking advantage of the Amico Set Menu

Zizzi is located in the beautiful historic streets of Durham City over looking the river and Elvet Bridge. Not only do they offer amazing food but also a beautiful view of the City centre. 

The interior is stylish and modern. Set around an open plan kitchen you can watch your pizza being freshly tossed before it's baked in the large open fire pizza oven in the centre of the restaurant. This gives the pizza's the most amazing crispy base and rustic flavour.

To start with we both ordered garlic bread with mozzarella, this is the best garlic bread you will ever eat. One portion of garlic bread is more than enough for 2 people to share, but if your feeling particularly hungry go for it on your own, but I did warn you!

For a change I went for the Sofia Rustic Pizza with spicy chicken, pepperoni, crumbled picante Basilicata sausage, mozzarella, red chillies & rosemary. I under estimated how big the rustic pizzas are. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it, despite my best effort, because it was very moreish. 

Although my pizza was very nice my favourite thing to order from Zizzi is their Lasagne, the crunchy crouton top, b├ęchamel sauce and rich ragu is beyond amazing!

No meal is complete without desert, since it was a nice sunny day I had to go with a selection of ice cream and sorbet. 

This was the perfect way to end a lovely day in Durham City.

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  1. Italian food is just too good, I could probably live off spaghetti bolognese forever! Your pictures are stunning. You have the loveliest blog here too by the way, well done on all your hard work with it pretty lady! x

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