Sunday, 15 October 2017

Reducing anxiety & stress by Getting Things Done

Over the past few years my life has become busier and busier, trying to juggle work and home life then recently throwing planning a wedding into the mix. There are times when I just sit and stare into space not knowing were to start. Forgetting the simplest tasks, not knowing what needs doing next at work and generally feeling OVERWHELMED, ANXIOUS and STRESSED.

To combat becoming so stressed that I can't function and to prevent all the jobs mounting up I use my bullet journal (my planner).

When starting a new month I simply write down all the appointments, deadlines and trips for the month so I can clearly see when everything needs to be done. Then on top of this I simply list all those additional tasks that don't have a deadline but still need to get finished.

By writing everything down you will be amazed at how much lighter and less anxious you feel when you don't have to continuously stress about trying to remember everything. Your brain can focus on getting things done, and guess what you will be able to get things done fast because you're only things about one task at a time.

In fact you don't have to buy a fancy planner or take the time to bullet journal, a simple pen and paper can do the same thing.

I would recommend writing the following days to do list the night before,  just before you head to bed. Guess what, you will also sleep better because tomorrows plan is already set and not rattling around inside your head.

Try it out, see how many things you can get done!


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  1. you'll also be so proud of yourself for going and showing your anxiety that it doesn't control you. If you can travel with anxiety, you can pretty much conquer anything. I believe in you! (And me. I believe in me too. I have to remind myself of that before I go on a trip, too!)
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